Digital Strategy Foundations

An immersive, instructor-guided course for current and aspiring digital strategists

The digital world needs strategic thinkers! Are you ready to lead the way?

The pandemic has accelerated digital growth by as much as seven years! From finance to retail, businesses are challenged by new digital ways and it’s only going to grow from here. Of course, with this growing digital world comes a need for brilliant solutions to navigate it and a growing need for strategic thinkers to help organizations conceptualize new products and services, as well as communicate the benefits of these products and services to their customer base.

That means they need YOU - the visionaries, idea people, marketers and creative thinkers.

But what if you don’t consider yourself an expert right now? Sure, you have on-the-job experience, but maybe you don’t have a clear understanding of where to start or the steps you need to take to create a digital strategy or marketing plan.

Or, perhaps you already work in or around digital strategy and you’ve even had some great wins along the way. But, you're not 100 percent confident that you could take a digital strategy from concept to implementation every time. You’d love to have a blueprint to follow - a strategy behind the strategy that helped you tackle big problems while getting repeatable results for your organization. But is that possible?

Step up and become the strategist you were meant to be.

It's time to take back your career, rise up and step into a strategic role.

Don’t let it be another item on the list of “should haves.”

Fact: Strategic thinkers are in high demand.

Need proof?

Market research analyst and marketing specialist jobs are expected to grow by almost 20 percent through 2024.

In PwC’s Global Digital IQ Survey, only 52 percent of organizations surveyed rated their digital IQ as strong.

According to a survey by Smart Insights, 49 percent of companies do not have a defined digital marketing strategy.

It’s clear that the world needs more digital experts.

Digital strategy is not just a course you can take in school or a skill you can get out of a book.

If you’ve considered becoming a digital strategist,
you may have thought there were just two options to get there:

Option #1 MBA or university-level certification

Maybe you’ve thought about going back to school, but you don’t have the time or flexibility in your schedule. You already have a busy life, so getting to class is simply not an option. (Not to mention how expensive degrees and certifications can be). You need something you can do at your own pace and on your own time.

Option # 2 Self taught

You’ve been able to piece together some skills through a random review of blog posts, webinars or books, but you wouldn’t exactly say you’ve found a method that you can use to create a strategy whenever you need it. Plus, there are conflicting ideas online and whenever you sit down to learn, you walk away more confused than when you started. You need a tested framework.

I have a solution for you, a way to create order out of chaos, to connect the dots between business, market and user needs, and a way to get repeatable results while feeling confident in your ability to create stellar solutions.

Whether you're developing a new product or service, creating a content or social marketing plan or integrating innovate tech like VR or voice UI into your approach, this solution scales to help you successfully tackle these complex challenges.

Imagine if you could claim expert status on digital strategy projects. You’d:

  • Be invaluable to your organization
  • Have a tested framework that works for any type of organization, project, channel or technology
  • Have the tools and mindset to tackle complex challenges with confidence
  • Be the go-to person to lead digital strategy projects
  • Be respected and sought after for your strategic skills and innovative approach
  • Be confident in your abilities
  • Get paid to envision and plan and put your strategic thinking to good use!

But how do you get all the benefits of a university level strategy course without the time and cost of going back to school or wasting time scouring the internet for pieces to the puzzle?

Welcome to the Digital Strategy Foundations Course - the course for strategic thinkers like you who are ready to level up and learn the strategy behind digital strategy.

Hello, I'm Laura Porto Stockwell

I'm a digital strategy veteran who realized the need for this course after hiring, managing and mentoring dozens of professionals throughout my 25+ year career in digital. I’ve taught this exact step-by-step method to those I’ve mentored and I’ve applied it on projects with top global brands, from Ford, Microsoft and Nike to Target and Toyota. My advanced degree in media theory (with a focus in social media) combined with my experience working in digital strategy and expertise in design thinking practices, has given me a unique perspective, allowing me to bring fresh strategies to top companies time and time again. After working with a variety of organizations, I realized that while many of them needed this type of professional development for their staff, it was practically non-existent . That’s why I created the Digital Strategy Foundations Course. I want to help visionaries like you step into your expertise, advance in your career and bring strategic thinking to the world, one organization at a time.

Here's how the course works:







In just 12 weeks, you’ll be able to:

  • Assess the current and future state of an organization
  • Analyze a market space, audit the competition and identify key opportunities
  • Plan, organize, conduct and analyze audience research
  • Connect the dots across business, market and user needs and develop meaningful insights
  • Create artifacts such as Personas and Journeys
  • Develop concepts and write briefs that inspire design and technical teams to do their best work
  • Advocate for the strategic process
  • Develop innovative, game-changing recommendations that optimize organizations for the digital space

What do past students have to say about the Digital Strategy Foundations Course?

Sounds great!
How much does it cost?

Typically, you can enroll for just $795 for the entire course—but if you get on the waitlist now, I'll send you a discount code for our course starting in June.

Regardless of how you pay, you'll receive immediate access to all modules and downloads along with six training sessions via Zoom! Take charge of 2023 and pivot to a career you love.

Are you ready to transform your career?

Get paid to think, envision and innovate

Be a sought after strategic leader

Get that promotion, raise or new client

Love what you do and feel valued at work

If you’ve been waiting for someone to tell you that you are capable of being a digital strategist, I am telling you now. You can do this. All you have to do is take the first step.